Once upon a time, ...

In early 2010, in Brussels, when Twitter was slowly but nicely growing, two friends in a flat, was listening music when they had the small idea to mix this emerging network and their passion : music

One year after the party, Twitter + Music = Twusic was born and launched in 2011.
Thousand of users joined the network, shared, listened and enjoyed music through our music application.

In 2013, Twitter launched his own music network : Twitter Music.

We would thanks every single user who used, shared, enjoyed our small contribution into the Twitter experience and hope to see you on another of our projets.

We would also specialy thanks @M_Cinquino for his amazing design and video work, @MissKatastroff & @airdefilm for the blog, testing, correcting, ... @MamzelleCarneto, @Ness_Gohy, @catalyste for the support and a lot of other who supported and helped us to made Twusic possible.

@Amaury & @Alexlec
Co-Founder of Twusic.com

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